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CASE STUDY: Law Firm - Solution Assessment

Updated: Jul 22, 2020


Industry Segment: Legal

Founded: 1986

Employees: 1600

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Market Presence: Global

Specialties: Corporate litigation, Trials

Problem or Initiative:

Centralized and antiquated infrastructure was causing performance issues for end-user employees within the organization. Although most users were experiencing challenges in managing their applications and data, the primary pain was being felt by users in international offices and locations who were accessing data residing the data center in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Blue Tree was engaged by the client’s managing partners initially to help solve this issue, as the internal corporate I.T. was unsuccessful solving the issue internally, having limited experience and time to manage change while supporting day to day operational activities. Partnering with the I.T. team, we helped identify the problem, followed by the development and execution of a plan for resolution.

Blue Tree Service Utilized:

Blue Tree’s Solution Assessment practice provided industry expertise, market analysis, technical subject matter expertise, and project management to help with issue troubleshooting and resolution through a formal discovery and assessment process, followed by a highly structured market evaluation, which led to identifying, electing, and implementing the right-fit modern technology to address the performance issues their end-users were experiencing. Services included:

  • Coordinating meetings with business and technical stakeholders

  • Gathering and documenting business and technical requirements and challenges

  • Organizing, planning, and managing detailed project related activities

  • Defining success criteria based on feedback from business and technical stakeholders

  • Engaging technical subject matter experts for deep dive discovery and issue identification

  • Assessing potential options for issue resolution

  • Identifying market-leaders in technology products and services to address the issue

  • Coordinating and interviewing market solution providers and documenting findings

  • Evaluating market options and providing an assessment based on a side-by-side comparative analysis

  • Supporting the ultimate vendor election, solution design, and support model

  • Helping to negotiate terms and conditions with the elected solution provider

  • Overseeing the implementation project planning and development

Target Achieved:

  • Identified the issue creating significant performance issues for end-users

  • Documented all relative business and technical items and criteria for current and future state

  • Successfully identified the best-fit technology solution and provider to support issue resolution

  • Oversaw the successful planning of a detailed implementation schedule with roles and responsibilities outlined

  • Helped deliver a corporate communications plan that was met positively

  • Defined what success was and created a clear path to achieve success, meeting all technical, business, timeline, and budget requirements

  • Kept all personnel and organizations on track and focused

  • Enabled client employees to focus efforts on core business activities

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