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CASE STUDY: Real-time Machine Data Analytics - Emergency Technical Services

Updated: Jul 22, 2020


Industry Segment: Real-time machine data analytics

Founded: 2010

Employees: 1000

Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area

Market Presence: Global

Specialties: Log Management, Cloud-Native Analytics, Security Analytics

Problem or Initiative:

The client was at the tail end of an ongoing audit to meet regulatory compliance requirements outlined by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. With only two weeks remaining to achieve the compliance deadline outlined by the auditors, the client’s technical operational team identified a gap in their ability to meet requirements specifically related to secure user authentication. With the potential of a significant loss in revenue by not meeting requirements, in addition to having to start the audit process all over, consuming time and money, the Client engaged Blue Tree to help them overcome their lack of experience and expertise in this area, as well as to help them achieve their very aggressive timeline objectives.

Blue Tree Service Utilized:

Blue Tree’s Emergency Technical Services practice provided immediate technical subject matter expertise and project management to the corporate I.T. team to help with troubleshooting, designing, configuring, and implementing a new Active Directory environment, to meet secure user authentication requirements driven by the organization’s mission to become FedRAMP certified. Within 24 hours Blue Tree experts were engaged and collaborating with the client, focused on discovery, planning, designing, implementing, configuring, and testing activities for the following:

  • Active Directory

  • Azure Cloud

  • SAML and SSO

  • Test Users and Attributes

  • Test Plans

  • Security Policies

  • Licensing and Procurement

  • Success Criteria

  • Corporate Communications Plan

Target Achieved:

  • Coordinated and delivered technical engineering work to meet requirements

  • Kept all personnel for both organizations on track and focused

  • Met highly aggressive 2-week timeline to achieve tested and proven success

  • Mitigated risk of potential revenue loss and operational cost

  • Acted as liaison with Microsoft to ensure timely response for support and licensing

  • Provided oversight of all strategic and tactical task execution

  • Coordinated all business and technical information gathering

  • Documented all discovery and configurations of current and future state

  • Documented all implementation activities to ensure the success of repeatable processes

  • Provided education to the Client’s engineering team to ensure successful internal management

  • Supported the successful testing planning and execution to support auditory requirements

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